NEY, based in Glasgow, Scotland

NEY are Lisa Fabian, Matt Robin and Eddie Brooks, a Glasgow-based trio, formed around workshops at Green Door Studios in 2022.

Guided by malleable prompts, they build on spontaneous instrumentation, layering field recordings and noise elements with percussion and guitar, drawing on elements of jazz, ambient, spoken-word and desert blues. Fabian steers the trio with her unwavering vocal direction, spoken in native tongues of Swedish and German, which she processes and distorts into a fever dream of mysticised notations.

Over the past 2 years, NEY have refined their sound largely through live performance and improvised sessions. As a band, they find synchronicity in their sparse but poised playing; a shimmer and sway through thickets of atmosphere, “presesenting vocals, guitar and drums as background details as significant, or not, as the listener wants them to be” (The Quietus).

Whilst their recordings often materialize in elusive ambient-adjacent renderings, their live sets can equally erupt into genre-spanning notions of psych rock, industrial and pulsating EBM, a frenetic, enduring energy that finds it’s place equally in contemplative listening spaces as secluded club basements.

NEY, 90mil, Berlin, 2023, photograph by Lizzie Urquhart

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