Somewhere Press was formed in 2022 under the name Somewhere Between Tapes.
The label embodies the emotive, narrative-led spaces in sound work, uplifting outsider voices and queering notions of experimental music and print. 
We’re drawn to artists who explore sound as part of an interdisciplinary practice, where live performance is intrinsic to the work.
Alongside physical releases, we host regular live events.
Somewhere Press and sub-label Somewhere Between Tapes are distributed by Boomkat.


For all label enquiries –
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Where possible, we will consider demo submissions by email.
We’re primarily interested in working with wxman, trans and non-binary artists.
Please note, we are unable to get back to all emails regarding demos.


17/04/24 – Cafe OTO, London
NEY (live), Slowfoam (live), Teresa Winter (live)
In collaboration with Night School

16/11/23 – EXIT, Glasgow
NEY (live), Susu Laroche (live), Shola von Reinhold (live), Velvachell & Toni F. (live)

27/08/23 – 90mil, Berlin
NEY (live), Andre Pahl x Dirt Brooks (DJ), Somewhere Press (DJ), Joe Summers (DJ)

18/06/23 – Black Tower, London
Man Rei (live), Time is Away (DJ), Somewhere Press (DJ)

15/06/23 – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow
Man Rei (live), Adela Mede (live), Dialect (live)
In collaboration with Night School

26/03/23 – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow
Ana Roxanne (live), Chantal Michelle w/ Grace Villamil (live)

24/03/23 – IKLECTIK, London
Chantal Michelle w/ Grace Villamil (live), Alliyah Enyo (live), Nyksan (live)

03/11/22 – La Chunky, Glasgow
Alliyah Enyo (live), NEY (live), Gaspard Casanova (live)


12/23 – The Quietus
NEY – NEY, New Weird Britain: 2023 In Review, Noel Gardner

11/23 – Bandcamp Daily
Glasgow Tape Labels Keep the Dear Place Green, Michael Kasparis

10/23 – Futurism Restated
The Blue Hour, Philip Sherburne

07/23 – Electronic Sound Magazine, Issue 103
Man Rei – Health, Spenser Thomson

07/23 – First Floor #178
Man Rei – Health, Shawn Reynaldo

06/23 – The Quietus
Man Rei – Health, Spool’s Out: Cassette Reviews For June, Daryl Worthington

04/23 – First Floor #168
Chantal Michelle – Broken to Echoes, Shawn Reynaldo

02/23 – The Wire, Issue 468
Alliyah Enyo – Echo’s Disintegration, Hannah Pezzack