Encircling themes of liminality, the intimacy of sound and collective creative processes, The Blue Hour takes shape as a print publication and split-side release. Initiated via a poetic prompt, a fragmentary text by writer Hannah Pezzack, the project draws its name from the intermediate phase between dusk and nightfall – “the twenty minutes at the end of the day when the sun dips a few degrees below the horizon, leaving an inky residue in its wake.”

In Maggie Nelson’s book Bluets (2009), the colour blue becomes a medium for philosophical reflections on emotion and memory. Turquoise, sea-washed glass and a square of navy dye are Nelson’s talismans in the midst of heartbreak. Unfolding in a similar prosaic style, the 10 tracks of The Blue Hour coalesce around saturated, haptic encounters, from field recordings of lonely cities to bodily rhythms: heartbeats, footsteps and breath.

– Hannah Pezzack

SP01, 2023
Publication, Edition of 40
Tape, Edition of 150